Body Electric organises, sponsors and supports a range of pole related events in New Zealand

Body Electric Pole Dance Studio’s vibrant annual calendar includes multiple Student Showcases, our Easter Pole Weekend, ‘Pole Room’ shows and our spectacular national pole competition, ‘Pole Inferno.’

In addition to organising these events, Body Electric also participates in other regional and national pole competitions, and sponsors and supports a range of pole-related performance and fundraising events. These include bi-monthly ‘Caburlesque’ shows, and annual events such as Victoria University Students Association’s ‘Sex Quiz,’ the ‘Inked and Empowered’ fundraiser for Wellington Rape Crisis, and the Queer Arts Festival 2022.
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– Wildfire –
New Zealand’s newest and hottest Amateur Pole Competition!

Body Electric is proud supporter and organiser of the new ‘Wildfire’ Amateur Pole Competition, to be held for the first time ever on Sunday 17 March 2024 at Te Auaha in Wellington, New Zealand.


Wildfire Amateur Pole Competition is a fun, inclusive show that draws upon fresh pole dance talent from throughout New Zealand. Wildfire endeavours to offer new competitors a more relaxed competition experience, where emphasis is placed on fostering creative, unique and exciting performances. The more traditional competitor assesment criteria of trick and skill levels, flexibity, etc, are de-emphasised in favour of competitors’ ability to entertain their audience.

Wildfire is the little sister to the fabulous long-running and highly esteemed creative pole competition, Pole Inferno.

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– Pole Inferno –
One of the most popular national pole competition events in New Zealand!

Body Electric sponsors and help organise the yearly national ‘Pole Inferno’ Pole Dance Competition.

Pole Inferno is a super entertaining competition event that draws upon the incredible pole dance talent found throughout New Zealand.

Pole fitness students, pole dance teachers, strippers, experienced performers and new performers are all included. All genders are welcomed in this progressive and inclusive display of incredible talent.

‘Pole Inferno’ takes place over two days each year on the Queen’s Birthday weekend, and celebrates the stripper origins of pole dance by being held in the lush surrounds of the Calendar Girls strip club in Wellington.

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– Bad Kitty Cabaret –

Bad Kitty Cabaret is Wellington’s newest variety show, and is designed to provide a performance arena for up-and-coming artists as well as experienced guests in pole, burlesque, drag, circus and more!

With shows held regularly at the The Fringe Bar, show producer, Maree Prebensen, welcomes expressions of interest in performing from newer creatives of all performance art disciplines.

To express interest in performing in this show, please email Body Electric Pole Dance Studio at [email protected]

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 -The Pole Room–

Founded by Body Electric co-owner, Maree Prebensen in 2011, The Pole Room is an online Facebook group which pole dancers can join to discuss pole news and socialise with other NZ polers.

The Pole Room, in conjunction with Body Electric, also organises professional pole dance shows that feature NZs top pole performers as well as up-and-coming acts.

Held regularly at The Fringe Bar in Wellington, these shows have been entertaining local folks for nigh on a decade. 

Often exploring current and topical themes of interest, ‘The Pole Room’ shows are a spectacle well worth seeing. Keep an eye out for them on Eventfinda!
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– Body Electric Student Showcase –

We LOVE getting our students up on stage, and fully support them through the process of getting there!

Our student showcases are not only a super entertaining evening of pole shows, but they are also a safe and supportive space, in which our students can try their hand at performing in front of an audience.

Held at least twice a year, there are plenty of opportunities for our students to have a go, either as solo acts or in group routines organised and choreographed for them.

Body Electric also organises special workshops and rehearsalsto help our students shine on stage!

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-Easter Pole Weekend at Body Electric Pole-

It has become a tradition for us at Body Electric to celebrate the Easter long weekend with a huge array of pole events!

Each year we run special workshops with guest and house instructors. There is always LOTS of variety in our Easter weekend workshop offerings – specialised pole trick workshops, non-pole dance classes, twerkshops, acrobatic skill sessions, lapdance tutorials, pole dance history seminars and more!

On the Saturday night of the Easter long weekend, a Pole Room show impresses and entertains, with pole performers from Wellington and beyond. And on the Sunday, we continue with workshops and a pole gear market offering all sort of pole-related goodies to our students and their friends.

Our pole weekend concludes with Easter Monday studio photoshoots with talented pole photographers. Students can visually document their pole progress and create beautiful photographic keepsakes in the comfort of our beautiful studio.

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-Other Regional and National
Pole Comps-

NZ Amateur Pole Performer (NZAPP)

Body Electric Pole Dance Studio proudly supports its students’ participation in the NZ Amateur Pole Performer competition.

The competition is aimed at pole dancers who, like our students, are still relatively new to the sport and art of pole. Body Electric contingents at NZAPP have ranged in size from 10 to 40 students at a time! 

NZAPP represents an exciting opportunity for our students to display skills they have acquired to a broader audience. Sometimes they even come home with a sash or two, in recognition of their hard work and talent!

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Pole Legends

Pole Legends is a Christchurch based one night extravaganza showcasing New Zealand’s top pole dancers.

This annual competition celebrates the unique styles of NZ’s professional level pole dancers in what is described as ‘a mixture of competition and show.’

Body Electric instructors and advanced level students are often participants in this exciting competition. Over the years, our students have managed to bring home a number of its coveted awards.

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-Events we Sponsor and Support-

Body Electric is a proud sponsor and supporter of the following organisations and events.

Caburlesque NZ

Caburlesque shows are a shining jewel in the crown of Wellington’s entertainment scene!

Bringing together the best of Wellington’s burlesque, cabaret, bellydance and pole scenes, Caburlesque shows provide entertainment in spades from their beloved Fringe Bar locale.

Body Electric proudly sponsors Caburlesque and provides pole dance performers for each of its shows.

Come and see us perform at Caburlesque!

VUW Sex Quiz

Thursdays in Black VUW, Victoria University’s representative group promoting sexual violence prevention awareness and sex-positivity, holds an annual Sex Quiz on campus.

Body Electric supports this event with the donation of prizes for the winning groups.

Inked and Empowered

Inked and Empowered is a charity fundraising event with the dual aim of promoting Wellingtonian female identifying & ENBY tattoo artists, and raising funds for Wellington Rape Crisis (WRC). 

The inaugural one-day tattoo flash event in 2021 included the participation of 19 female identifying tattoo artists. Their takings for the day totalled an incredible $21,648, all donated to WRC.

Body Electric instructors and students participated in the festivities, donating class passes to the cause and demonstrating pole skills to impressed audiences. We can’t wait to support the next iteration of this amazing charitable event.

Queer AF

Body Electric Pole Dance studio is a proud supporter of the the Queer Arts Festival.

A number of our amazing pole students participated as organisers and performers in this event.

Body Electric was excited to promote the art and entertainment on offer, and looks forward to participating in next year’s event.

The Kitten Inn

The Kitten Inn is a registered not for profit charitable trust that help cats and kittens in the Wellington region by desexing, microchipping and rehoming them.

Their mission includes providing sanctuary and care for pregnant cats and kittens, and finding loving new homes for them when they are ready for adoption.

At Body Electric we regularly run ‘Kitten Stretch Classes,’ where participants enjoy one of our ‘Let’s Get Flexy’ classes alongside the cutest kittens from the Kitten Inn. All proceeds are donated to the organisation to help them continue their important work.