Questions you might have for your FIRST pole class:

>     How do I book my first class?

Easy peasy! Just click on one of the ‘BOOK A CLASS’ buttons on our Facebook page or website and follow the prompts! You will be taken to our online booking site, MindBody, where you can set up an online booking account for classes at Body Electric. Through your account you can purchase class passes and book in and out of classes as suits. 

If you are new to pole, we recommend you purchase our ‘New Student 3x Class Pass’. This pass allows students to book into three Beginner level classes over any time frame that suits! 

The booking system can seem a little daunting at first, but we are always available to help students out via email, should they need help with class purchases or bookings in any way. 

What should I wear?

Shorts and a crop top or singlet are perfect for your first classes. Pole dancing requires skin to pole contact, hence the need to wear shorts.

We ask that all jewellery please be removed before class, especially rings, as they can damage the surface of our poles.

It is also recommended that students avoid the use of oily lotions and moisturisers prior to taking class, as these will create slipperiness on the pole that may make it harder to execute the moves being taught.

Do I need to bring anything?

Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle for hydration (please make sure to take it away with you after class) and a small towel for wiping hands and the pole. We do provide towels with which to clean the poles, but some students prefer to bring their own.

I’m unfit and don’t have very good upper body strength. Can I still take pole classes?

You most certainly can! Beginner pole dance classes are designed for people of all ages and fitness levels. As students learn the techniques taught in class, they develop their upper body strength and overall fitness. We love seeing our students develop strength, skills and confidence through their attendance of classes at Body Electric.

   Am I too old to try pole dancing?

A huge range of age groups are represented in pole classes at Body Electric. Anyone over 18 can start classes with us any time they like! Students between 16 and 18 years of age can participate too, as long as they have the permission of a parent or guardian. If you are over 55 and wanting a class that is more specifically aimed at participants in your age group, we’d encourage you to book into our ‘Over 55s Pole’ class with Margaret Nixon, who is herself 70 years old and an AMAZING pole dancer and teacher.

As with any exercise class, individuals are encouraged to be realistic about what they can achieve. More often than not, we find that students underestimate their potential and abilities, and the discovery of what they are truly capable of is an incredible and very welcome surprise! Regardless of students’ starting points, our instructors will expertly guide participants through classes, and provide content that they can work on safely and with success.

Both Maree and Giada started to pole dance in their 30s, and are very encouraging to anyone wanting to try pole classes. Regardless of age, they say go for it! Body Electric instructors are there to help, support and encourage students all the way!

After a few classes, you might ask:

I’ve used up my New Student 3x Class Pass.
What should I purchase next?

There are a number of pricing options for students who have used up their ‘New Student 3x Class Pass’ and wish to continue taking classes at Body Electric. The best payment option depends on what sort of classes students wish to attend, and how frequently.

If students are wanting to take one or two classes per week, the best options are Single, 5x or 10x Pole or Conditioning Class passes. If attending three or more classes per week, then the Unlimited Weekly and Unlimited Monthly passes (our most popular pricing option) are the best value choice.

Once students have decided they are loving pole and in it for the long haul, studio memberships become the easiest and most convenient way of sorting out attendance of unlimited classes and practice sessions on our timetable. They can be arranged for minimum terms of either 6 or 12 months.

Pole Clothes and Shoes – I want some! Where should I start?

We have an excellent and ever-changing range of pole wear (tops, bottoms and onesies) available for purchase in the studio. Students are welcome to come in and try on items before purchasing them.There is no doubt that a cute pole outfit helps lift the mood, and makes classes and training even more fun!

We don’t stock shoes at Body Electric – Sorry! We do, however, provide shoes for students at Beginner level to try out in classes. We recommend that students wanting to buy shoes work out their sizing in the studio with our shoes, and then hop online to purchase shoes from Australian-based company, shoeme.com.au. Shoeme supplies most of our students and instructors with their ‘Pleaser’ brand heels, and shipping is free for New Zealand!

Some FAQs on our booking system:

Late Cancellations at Body Electric-What happens if I can’t make it to a class I’ve booked into?

Our online booking system (MindBody) gives students complete control over their class bookings and cancellations. If students can’t make it to a class they have booked into, they can simply hop online and cancel their booking via their online account.

If cancellations are made more than 6 hours prior to the class’ scheduled start time, the class pass is automatically returned to their account for use at a later date. If students cancel less than 6 hours prior to the class’ scheduled start time, then, as per our late-cancellation policy, students forfeit their pass for that class.

We have our late cancellation policy in place to help ensure that our studio runs smoothly – that classes are nice and full, that poles don’t go unused, and that waitlisted students don’t miss out on poles that have become available.

If you need to cancel a class but aren’t quite sure how to go about it, don’t worry – you can always just email us! As long as your email arrives in our inbox more than six hours before your class’ scheduled start time, we will early cancel you from the class and return the pass to your account.

>    I’ve heard about waitlists for classes. How do they work?

Some classes at Body Electric are super popular and book out in advance. When classes are fully booked, students who wish to attend them have the option of placing themselves on waitlists for the class. This involves them adding their name to the class’ waitlist via their online booking account, and simply waiting to see if a spot opens up for them to attend the class.

If a spot opens up for a student on a waitlist, they will be notified automatically via email. There is no need for the student to do anything – the spot is now theirs and they can simply come along to class.

It is important to note that when students waitlist themselves for a class, they take responsibility for checking to see whether they have been bumped into it or not. The auto-emails sent out by the booking system can sometimes end up in spam folders, so we urge students to check those, as well as simply look at their bookings regularly, to see if they have been added to a class.

If a student has been moved off the waitlist and into a class, but can no-longer make it, it is their responsibility to cancel their booking for the class, to allow the next person on the waitlist an opportunity to attend. As per our late cancellation policy, if waitlisted students bumped into classes fail to cancel their booking at least six hours prior to the class’ scheduled start time, they forfeit their pass for the class.
The waitlist system works really well to help move people into classes when poles are freed up due to cancellations. Mindbody and waitlists can take a little getting used to, but we are always reachable via email to help out with any booking related questions, issues or concerns.

I’ve been charged a fee for a failed payment. But I don’t understand why, as there were enough funds in my bank account when I purchased my class pass online.

Our online pass purchase system (MindBody) allows students to access class passes and make bookings any time of the day or night. Unfortunately, however, banks and payment processing organisations are not always open to complete online payment transactions immediately. Online payments via MindBody are not processed, for example, during weekends and on public holidays. In fact, it can take up to three business days for funds for online class pass purchases to be taken out of students’ bank accounts. This means that if a pass is purchased online on a Saturday, the funds for it are unlikely to be withdrawn from the purchaser’s account until the following Monday. If, in the meantime, the account empties out, and there are insufficient funds in it on the Monday to cover the class pass purchase, then the purchaser will be charged a dishonour fee (around $15) by the payment processing organisation (Ezidebit).

We regret that dishonour fees are charged to students when their payments fail, and would ask that it be known that these fees are not imposed, or collected, by Body Electric. The good news is, however, that dishonour fees are avoidable, as long as students are aware that they will need to have sufficient funds in their bank accounts to cover any purchases they make, for up to three business days from the date of purchase.

As always, if you have experienced anything in your payment processing that is cause for concern, you can contact the studio via email, and we will do everything we can to resolve any issues with you quickly and satisfactorily. It is also worth noting that there are other ways for us to process payments for class passes, if you are finding that the online payment processing system isn’t right for you.

And finally, some FAQs on our Memberships:

Is a Membership at Body Electric right for me?

If you have become a regular student at Body Electric and can’t see that changing (because you LOVE pole), and if you are planning to attend at least three classes per week indefinitely, then a membership at Body Electric is the best option for you!

Memberships at Body Electric give access to ALL classes and practice sessions on our timetable. That is more than 50 hours of Pole and Conditioning classes and over 30 hours of Practice Session time per week. Memberships also allow students to book into classes well ahead of time, so that they can set up their weekly pole routine and secure bookings in all of their preferred time-slots. They are an ideal way to organise payments and bookings for your long term practice of pole!

How much are Memberships and how would I go about purchasing one?

Memberships start at $50 per week, and can be purchased easily via a lump sum payment, monthly direct debit payments, or weekly direct debit payments.

You can find Body Electric direct debit membership payment options ($50 per week/$200 per month) online on MindBody, under the heading ‘Direct Debit Memberships.’ Direct debit memberships are not available for purchase on the MindBody app – to purchase a Direct Debit membership, students need to access MindBody from a computer/desktop/laptop. Please note that direct debit memberships automatically renew at the end of their inital term (6 months or 12 months), and that to cancel memberships, students must contact the studio via email.

Lump Sum membership payments ($1,200 for 6 months/ $2,400 for 12 months) are made via bank transfer directly into the studio account.To purchase a lump sum payment membership, please contact the studio via email to [email protected].

>    Are there any terms and conditions attached to Memberships?

Yes! But not too many, and we think they are pretty reasonable. Most significantly, it is important for students to be aware that we don’t pause memberships or membership payments over the holidays. It is worth noting, however, that we do run classes 7 days a week throughout the year, and are only closed for public holidays and studio showcases, so that members are able to continue to take classes pretty much all year round.

>    Can I put my membership on hold if I need to?

You sure can! We will happily put memberships on hold for injury, or major breaks from the studio of two months or more. So if you need to take time off from pole to recover, or you are travelling and will be absent from the studio for at least two months, you can simply email us to let us know, and we will put your membership on hold for you. We can help you with anything else you need to know – feel free to ask away before you commit to a membership.

> I LOVE Body Electric!
How can I support the studio?

Come to classes! Share our website with friends and loved ones and invite them to class with you! We love seeing all our happy students in the studio feeling fit, strong, creative and alive.

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