Body Electric Pole Dance Studio 

Level One, James Smith Building 55 Cuba Street, Wellington 

New Zealand


ph: 020 4063 6223

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New Student 3x Class Pass 


Casual Pole Class

$20/$18 unwaged

10 x Pole Classes
$180/$160 unwaged

Lunchtime 3x Class Pass

Unlimited Weekly Pass

Unlimited Monthly Pass


Casual Conditioning Class
$12 flat rate

10 x Conditioning Classes 


Open Practise Session
$10 flat rate

Private Pole Class

$60 per hour, plus 1 week of free practise sessions

Studio Memberships

Start at $30 per week.
Please contact the studio for membership details

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Welcome to Wellington's best Pole Dance Classes!

Body Electric Pole Dance Studio, Wellington, welcomes you to discover the beautiful art of pole dancing.

Pole Dance classes are a fun way to get fit and feel great. The typical pole class student is - well, anyone! We have students, mums, professionals, fitness buffs and non-sporty types attending our classes.

Age, fitness level and size is no barrier. We run pole dance classes for  absolute beginners through to elite levels, and everything inbetween.

Our beautiful pole dance studio is centrally located in Cuba Street, Wellington, New Zealand.

Come along and give pole fitness a go!

 Buy NEW STUDENT 3x Class Pass 

If you have never tried pole fitness before, we would recommend trying our New Student 3x Class Pass - $45. Come to any three classes on our timetable. Beginners classes are suitable for women who have never done pole before. The flexibility and conditioning classes are also suitable for newbies!

 Buy LUNCHTIME 3x Class Pass 

We have an extensive new timetable running on weekday lunchtimes. There are classes for all levels including beginners. We are running a special limited pass to promote lunchtime classes - great for Uni students and office workers. The Lunchtime 3x Class Pass costs $30 - use it for any three classes before 3pm Monday-Friday.

 Buy UNLIMITED Weekly or Monthly Pass

Our most popular deal for pole dance classes are our Unlimited Weekly ($45) or Unlimited Monthly ($170) passes. Come to anything on our timetable. There are over forty hours of classes to choose from including pole fitness, flexibility and conditioning, Pole Grooves and practise sessions. If you plan to come to more than a couple of classes a week, this is a great deal. Studio memberships are another great option and include access to all sessions at the most economical rates. Please contact us if you want a membership!

Wellington Pole Dance News

New Body Electric classes

'Fluid Floowork', Wednesday 12 noon 

An hour session of floorwork, movement flow technique and combos. Heels, kneepads and legwarmers recommended! Suitable for all levels.

'Spin Pole', Tuesday 1pm, Friday 8pm and Sunday 1 and 2pm 

Try our amazing 'Spin Pole ' classes with Lydia. Whether you are a Beginner or more advanced, spin pole will add something extra to your pole practice.

 Book a Class Here

Pole Intensive Workshops

Body Electric Pole Dance Studio regularly offers Prep-Intermediate and Prep-Advanced sessions especially designed to get you up to the next level. 

We will spend an intense 1.5 hours going through spins, tricks and transitions that you need to master. They are a great chance to brush up your skills and get a clear idea of what you need to work towards. 

We give lots of individual feedback in these sessions.

Please ask your teacher for details of the next Pole Intensive workshop.

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Body Electric Pole Wear Shop

Need something to wear to pole? Body Electric stocks New Zealand's largest range of pole shorts, sports bras, singlets and hoodies - whether you want something sporty and practical, or something a bit sexier for a performance, come in and check out our range!

We have lots of pole grip aids in stock, including Mighty Grip, Tite Grip, Dew Point, Dry Hands and Itac - all you need to stick to the pole!

And... check out our amazing LEG WARMERS - super long and warm in a great range of colours!

Our Pole clothing ranges include: Bad Kitty, Pole Candy, Mika Yoga, Onzie, Cleo the Hurricane, Pure Sunrise, Rarr Designs, Teeki Yoga Wear and a range of Body Electric branded clothing.

We are always adding to our pole wear shop and welcome you to come in and take a look.

Visit our page on Facebook for our latest gear:

Body Electric Pole Wear Shop

Body Electric Student Showcase 2017 

Body Electric produces a mid-year show featuring many of our talented students. Group acts, doubles pole and solos of all levels entertain a full house at the Fringe Bar in Wellington. Many of the students perform for the first time. It is a chance to showcase to friends and family your pole dance skills! We had over thirty students participate in both the 2015 and 2016 showcases and we are looking forward to the 2017 event! 

Pole Stars NZ Competition

POLE STARS is an annual pole dance competition held in Nelson. Body Electric was proud to support several entries in 2016 with 3 placings achieved. Congratulations to Andrea, Chelsea and Katie.

 We look forward to supporting students in 2017 as they prepare for this event.

More details here

The Pole Room 2017 

Keep an eye out for up-and-coming Pole Room shows in 2017. The Pole Room is planning some awesome events showcasing Wellington pole dancers plus guests from around the country. Join the Facebook community group to be in the loop for latest news.


NZ Amateur Pole Performer 2017 (NZAPP)

Many of our students competed in NZAPP this year. Body Electric Pole Dance Studio was proud to support them as they prepared their routines. 

UPDATE: Body Electric was proud to support 18 competitors in the Wellington and Auckland Heats, with three students getting through to the Finals in Christchurch. (Katie, Georgia and Siobhan). We are excited to announce that Katie Roberts won the Open category!

NZAPP is a yearly event. We look forward to our talented students competing in NZAPP 2017.

More details here

Pole Legends 2017

Pole Legends is another national pole competition, held for the first time in December 2015 in Auckland. Body Electric was proud to support Katie, Mei, Rhiannon and Perf at the 2016 event. A special congratulations to Body Electric instructor Katie Roberts who won the 'Drama' award at Pole Legends 2016.  We look forward to attending the 2017 competition to cheer on our talented successful applicants!

More info here

Miss Pole Queen NZ 2017

Miss Pole Queen presented their inaugural competition in 2016 featuring ten showgirl-style pole dancers and guest performers in July 2016. Body Electric was proud to be a sponser of this event, as well as supporting our four successful entrants (Bridget, Ileia, Chelsea and Imogen), as they prepared for this competition.

We look forward to supporting this competition in 2017.

More info here

Pole Power Photography 

Body Electric is very proud to suppot Pole Power Photography - a business created by Body Electric student Jasmine Monrouxe that started in Wellington, New Zealand. Jasmine has blended her skills in photography and pole into something special. She has photographed many polers around the world and has become known for her beautiful location shots.

 Pole Power Photography