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Some useful information for your first pole class

What to wear

We recommend wearing shorts (basic running shorts are fine), a singlet and bare feet to your first pole class. Pole dancing requires some skin-on-pole friction - you need to be able to grip the pole to climb and to do some of the spins. You are welcome to wear heels if you wish, especially in the Pole Grooves classes.

We understand that wearing shorts might be a bit intimidating to start with, but rest assured that everyone is the same boat. We have women of all body types attending pole classes.

Please remove all jewellery before class, especially rings, as they could damage the surface of our poles.

Try not to use oily lotions and moisturisers prior to class, as these will create slipperiness on the pole when you are trying to do moves.

What to bring

A bottle of water. (Please make sure to take it away with you after class.)

A small towel. (We provide towels to clean the poles with, but some students prefer to bring their own.)

A Brief History of Pole

Pole dancing is a relatively new sport. About 15 years ago the pioneers of pole fitness brought the dance style out of strip clubs and into the dance studio. Pole would not be here if it were not for its exotic roots. 

Since then, pole has become phenomenally popular and has morphed in several directions. Many treat it as a sport (Pole Fitness), with competitions, rules and regulations, others think of it as a creative art form similar to ballet (Pole Art), yet others prefer to draw upon its inherently sexy side (Pole Classique and Exotic). 

Whatever style you end up prefering, Body Electric Pole Dance Studio is inclusive of all types of pole.


What are the benefits of Pole Dancing?

There are many benefits of Pole Dancing! Because pole is so much fun, you will hardly notice you are exercising. You will gain strength and aerobic fitness from coming to regular pole classes. Many women find that they will gain lean muscle and lose fat through attending regular pole classes. Pole classes promote body confidence in all women attending them. The focus of pole classes is to create strong, healthy bodies. The students are busy training towards their next pole goal in a positive and sharing atmosphere. Pole is a great mood enhancer. There is nothing like having a good dance around the pole to feel liberated and happy!  

I'm unfit and don't have very good upper body strength. Can I still do pole classes?

Of course you can! Beginner pole dance classes are designed for people of all fitness levels to participate in. As you learn the techniques in class you will become stronger and stronger.

I'm no spring chicken - what type of people go to pole classes? Is is just young women?

All age groups come to pole classes. At Body Electric Pole Dance Studio we recommend that you are over 18 and under 100. As with any exercise class, each individual has to be realistic about what they can achieve, but the instructors will guide you through class to find your own pace. Both Maree and Giada started to dance at a mature age, (in their 30s), and are very encouraging to everyone who wants to try pole classes. Whatever your age, go for it! Although most of our students are women, we have some keen male students and are very welcoming to people of all genders.

Will I have to actually dance? - I might be a bit self-conscious about that!

In the Beginner pole dance classes the content will be very simple movements around the pole that will be broken down step-by-step. Don't be worried that you 'can't' dance! There are separate classes available for those of you who love to dance and want to explore this side of pole. (Pole Grooves, Fluid Floor, Exotic Flow and Choreography are favourites with Wellington dancers.)

How many people in a class?

We have ten poles in the main Body Electric Pole Dance Studio (Studio 1). You will have a pole to yourself for the hour-long class, so there will be a maximum of ten people in your class. Studio 2 has five poles, so there will be five students in the class.

How many classes should I come to?

If you are new to pole, sign up for our New Student 3x Class Pass. You can book in to three Beginner classes over three weeks, or any other time scale you want. Many new students find that the movements they are learning in their pole classes make them a bit muscle-sore the next day - so maybe space out your classes to begin with! Some of our Intermediate and Advanced students come most days to train - If you get bitten by the pole dancing bug, Body Electric Pole Dance Studio has some great membership deals! 

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